Witch World by Andre Norton book dust jacket

Witch World by Andre Norton book dust jacket — English dust jacket (virtual)
Witch World by Andre Norton book dust jacket — English dust jacket (virtual)
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The third consecutive dust jacket with illustrations by Denis Dmitrievich Gordeev, as well as the other two books posted on the site: The Wizard of Earthsea and The Lord of the Rings.

Maximum plot illustrations that correspond to the narrative of the first two novels by Andre Norton (the plot of the first novel is Witch World).

Front cover illustration

Witch World: PART III: VENTURE OF KARSTEN. Chapter V “THREE TIMES HORNED” by Denis Dmitrievich Gordeev
The following is an excerpt from the novel Witch world from chapter 5 “THREE TIMES HORNED” (PART III: VENTURE OF KARSTEN between chapters 5 and 6).

“From the sea!” The witch was on her feet, her scarlet and gold draperies stirring about her. “Fulk of Verlaine cannot be termed in any way a simpleton, but there is a swiftness of move here, a taking advantage of every chance happening which smacks of something more than just Fulk’s desire to protect himself against Yvian’s vengeance!”

There was a stormy darkness in her eyes as she regarded all three of them coldly. She might almost have been numbering them among hostile elements.

“This I do not like. Oh, some tale from Verlaine might have been expected; Fulk needed a story to throw into Yvian’s teeth lest the stones of his towers be rained down about his own ears. And he is perfectly capable of spitting both Siric and Durate to give added credence and cover his tracks. But the moves come too swiftly, too well fitting into a pattern! I would have sworn–”

She strode up and down the chamber, her scarlet skirts swirling about her. “We are mistresses of illusion, but I will take oath before the Power of Estcarp that that storm was no illusion! Unless the Kolder have mastered the forces of nature–” Now she stood very still, and her hands flew to her mouth as if to trap words already spoken. “If the Kolder have mastered–” her voice came as a whisper. “I cannot believe that we have been moved hither and yon at their bidding! That I dare not believe! Yet–” She whirled about and came directly to Simon.

“Briant I know, and what he does and why, all that I know. And Koris I know, and what drives him and why. But you – man out of the mists of Tor, I do not know. If you are more than you seem, then perhaps we have brought our own doom upon us.”

Koris stopped polishing the ax blade. The cloth fell to the floor as his hands closed about the haft.”He was accepted by the Guardian,” he said neutrally, but his attention centered upon Simon with the impersonal appraisal of a duelist moving forward to meet a challenge.

“Yes!” The woman from Estcarp agreed to that. “And it is impossible that what Kolder holds to its core cannot be uncovered by our methods. They could cloak it, but the very blankness of that cloak would make it suspect! There is one test yet.” She plucked at the throat fastening of her robe and drew forth the dull jewel she had worn out of Estcarp. For a long moment she held it in her hands, gazing down into its heart, and then she slipped the chain from about her neck and held it out to Simon. “Take it!” she ordered.

Koris cried out and scrambled off the ledge. But Simon took it into his hand. At first touch the thing was as smooth and cold as any polished gem, then it began to warm, adding to that heat with every second. Yet the heat did not burn, it had no effect upon his flesh. Only the stone itself came to life; trails of opalescent fire crawled across its surface.

“I knew!” Her husky half whisper filled the room. “No, not Kolder! Not Kolder; Kolder could not hold without harm, fire the Power and take no hurt! Welcome, brother in power!” Again she sketched a symbol in the air which glowed as brightly as the gem before it faded. Then she took the stone from his hold and restored it to its hiding place beneath her robe.

Back cover illustration

Witch World: PART II: VENTURE OF VERLAINE. Chapter II “SEA WRACK” by Denis Dmitrievich Gordeev
The following is an excerpt from the novel Witch world from chapter 2 “SEA WRACK” (PART II: VENTURE OF VERLAINE between chapters 2 and 3).

Certain now that the doomed ships could not possibly claw off the cape, the wreckers from the hold boldly set out their lanterns along the strand. If fools from the vessels tried to come ashore at those beacons, so much the better, they would only save the plunderers the time and bother of hunting them down.

So it was that those beams, reaching out over the heaving of the waves, caught upon the first prow swinging inward. It loomed high, buoyed up by the combers, and there were shouts from the watchers, wagers hurriedly offered and accepted as to the place of its crashing. High it lifted and then slammed forward, the rocks under the forepart of its keel. Then – it was gone!

Those on the shore were men confronted by the impossible. At first some of the more imaginative were certain they sighted the wreckage of a broken backed ship, sure that it was tossing near to their nets. But there was nothing but the froth of wind beaten water. No ship nor wreckage.

None of them stirred. At that moment they were held by their disbelief in the evidence of their own eyes. Another of the proud ships was coming. This one pointed to the patch of rock upon which Hunold stood with Fulk as straightly as if some unseen helmsman set that course. In it came stoutly. No men clung to its rigging, no living thing could be sighted on deck.

Once again the waves raised up their burden to smash the vessel down upon the teeth of the reef. And this time it was so close to shore that Hunold thought a man could leap to where he himself stood from the deserted deck. Up and up the prow rose, its fantastically carved figurehead showing open jaws to the sky. Then down – the water swirling.

And it was gone!

“Колдовской мир. I-II” on the original dust jacket. “Андре НОРТОН” on the spine.

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